Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dec 8 New Photos "added to yesterday's Loop!

If you have already seen Dec 7th, the new photos start with number 14. Enjoy.

We do have some news you may not all know.
The still cam is up and running out of Wheeling now. Picture appears very clear and hopefully will function for us well from this point. Yesterday LIVE FEED however was "just a test" I am afraid it will still be a few weeks before the live Feed is regularly online for us. If I were you I would be keeping watch fairly regularly anyway. I think perhaps we may see the egg part of this Before we have live feed.

Please share your comments here on the comment section. If you have a caption for a photo you are sharing be sure to send that to me along with the Photo. If you have a thought you would like posted here on the new thread "here" where I am typing now, then send that along to me as well.

Remember to click Watch the Show to see it BIG Also hit ll in center to Pause and then forward on >> at your own speed.
To be able to save these Photos you must download FilmLoop and follow the directions in loading and saving or sharing Film Loops. Click on the Film Loop Logo you see on your Loop show as you watch. To view in Bigger screen, click on "Watch the Show lower left corner.


MEMA Jo said...

Dana was clicking away early this morning and the photos are great of Liberty & Belle. I am so glad still pics are back and that the live feed is up. Hope all the glitches get worked out of them both. The Film Loop is spectacular.........

paula said...

You still can't save any pictures from the loop unless you enable that feature on your loop.


glo said...

Ability to save pictures has been enabled on both Loops.