Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nest preparation continues

Even those who watched the parenting of this eagle pair last season, are learning and enjoying watching this pair relate and work "sometime together " to prepare the nest for this new season.

Post Cmas pre New years Holidays 2006
Video sent by glo77

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Christmas Card Collage for you!

Be sure to Left click on this picture and see it large...Lots of fun stuff if you take time to look and enlarge it so you can see it.

I am off to visit family in AZ for the Holiday. many more pictures and videos to come in the New Year....maybe even a few before, But I am stopping now to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. No matter where the holiday may find you, may His love surround you.
This card is an assortment of various cards sent around by many of the bloggers who enjoy this Eagle Cam. If you like it you can save it or print it off for yourself by Right Click and Save to your own computer and print from there. Or I have made mine into a fun Desktop Just for the Holidays!!!
I am curious IF you have looked closely enough to see that there are Many Many Eagles in this collage....lots more than you will first spot. Take a good look and see how many you can spot.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Busy day at the Nest Dec 20

Be sure to check out the 2 videos below also from todays Nest Times!!!

A "spirited " time at the nest for sure this morning!

Spirited video Here for sure!!!
Video sent by glo77

Great Video of Dec 20 Nest work

Dec 20 Busy Morning at the nest
Video sent by glo77

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Several Dec 19 stills with lots of captions

Thanks to Suzanne Dana and Mits for today's pictures.

Dec 19 Nest Refurbishing video

Dec 19 nest refurbishing work
Video sent by glo77

Monday, December 18, 2006

Dec 18 Lots of nice stills and a Live Video too!

Be sure to watch the Video below also.

Liberty and Belle from Live cam Dec 18, 2006

Liberty and Belle Season 06and07_0001
Video sent by glo77

To see this on a Larger screen, go here Once at the Video , you will even be given the option to click on the Zoom at the bottom of the Daily Motion Screen, and see it even bigger if you like. Enjoy

Monday, December 11, 2006

December 11 thru 17

Once you have viewed the Loop you might want to head here. You will find a Flickr file with many of the best photos so far that you can save to your computer if you like. A couple of them have little notes hidden in boxes there for you as well. One is on the page with all the cams some of us watch LOL. Another is on the Seasons Greetings one. Bookmark that site, so you can have it ready for the next time you see a photo you want to be able to save.

Newest Photos are now at the beginning fo the loop

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend of Photos Dec 9 and 10

Dec 10 Photos start with number 13. If you are reading this and are able to, I need your help!

A reminder to take a minute for others who have not chosen to be active Bloggers or reached out to join a group. Many of us lurked on the BLOG or just watched the cam last year. We have some First Timers watching again this year...only some can't do it during the day time always. Help me to help them learn to love these eagles too.

Some of you are very busy at work. Some of you are not computer comfortable enough to know how to save and send but are enjoying what others are sharing with you. Not everyone has access to save photos during the daylight hours but they are interested in seeing what has been happening.

Some of you are very creative with your wording for some of the pictures we will see and share over the weeks and months ahead. You will light a spark in the heart of the new one just watching for the First time, AND you will trigger nostalgic wonderful memories for those who have been around for the last Eagle Season. None of us including my self can sit and click and share everyday. Just please consider capturing and sending when you can.

I would love to be flooded with photos.

Some are actually just testing the water to see how involved they want to be with the Eagle Cam out of WV that a friend has grown to love and encouraged them to come and see what its all about. You never know who is watching and waiting around the corner or around the world.

As always click watch the show and ll pause button to enjoy viewing in large screen with your timing.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dec 8 New Photos "added to yesterday's Loop!

If you have already seen Dec 7th, the new photos start with number 14. Enjoy.

We do have some news you may not all know.
The still cam is up and running out of Wheeling now. Picture appears very clear and hopefully will function for us well from this point. Yesterday LIVE FEED however was "just a test" I am afraid it will still be a few weeks before the live Feed is regularly online for us. If I were you I would be keeping watch fairly regularly anyway. I think perhaps we may see the egg part of this Before we have live feed.

Please share your comments here on the comment section. If you have a caption for a photo you are sharing be sure to send that to me along with the Photo. If you have a thought you would like posted here on the new thread "here" where I am typing now, then send that along to me as well.

Remember to click Watch the Show to see it BIG Also hit ll in center to Pause and then forward on >> at your own speed.
To be able to save these Photos you must download FilmLoop and follow the directions in loading and saving or sharing Film Loops. Click on the Film Loop Logo you see on your Loop show as you watch. To view in Bigger screen, click on "Watch the Show lower left corner.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Don't forget to check for the Eagle Cam : Wed Dec 6.

Just a quick reminder to all of you that Wed. is the day the still cam should be turned back on. I want to be sure that everyone remembers. You can go directly to the NCTC Eagle cam page. Sometime on Wed. it should no longer read disabled for the season. Actually in its very own way it will be saying

Seasons Greetings

Hoping each of you are in your own way are getting a sense of the Spirit of the Holidays upon us. What a "special gift" just having the cam back online will be to so very many of us.

For those of us who are from the Christian perspective it is our belief that Christmas Celebrates the time when our Creator became our Savior. As you ponder that statement may you also offer thanks to Him as Creator of that beautiful eagle, as well as the NCTC staff who makes the sharing of this cam possible for each of us.

I am asking anyone and everyone to Please save the very first moment you catch site of the nest...whether or not an eagle is present AND your first sighting of 1 As well as Both eagles in their nest. Send those pictures to me please.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cam info from Steve at NCTC

Thursday Nov. 16

Here's some news you folks have been waiting for:

We met yesterday on getting the cam going.

We are going to outsource the web access this year to allow the still cam a much better refresh rate than the 30 seconds that our network folks afforded us last year. I've mentioned to a few folks that we face significant hurdles regarding network security and bandwidth limitations, and we believe this approach gets us past these issues. We are working through the contracting now, and have targeted Dec. 6th as the start date. We will strive to hit that target.

We will also experiment with a wide shot camera along with the existing cam. We recently got a brand new microwave receiver which should help with cam reliability.

The live video will start on or around February 1, and will stay on through the end of July.

We are also looking now at technology for next season that will improve the cam, and add audio. Based on the behavior of these eagles, we figure we only have a couple of weeks window in August to make the improvements.

The cam has been on here for a few weeks now, and we have watched the eagles slowly preparing the nest with new sticks.

I know that this has been a long haitus, but hang in there and we'll be up soon.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Old and Some New

This is officially our First Picture of the New Eagle Season. Thank you Suzanne who was at NCTC last weekend and took this photo for us. You can see BOTH Liberty and Belle side by side on a branch above the nest they have worked very hard to refurbish. it is also much bigger than when Suzanne saw it just two weeks earlier. Stay tuned, You will know just as soon as the cam is on.

At bottom of post is a 5 min. video best viewed on a High Speed connection. It is similar to the shorter version published a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to see "Our Eagles AGAIN" so I figured lots of you do too! To view this video on You Tube in Full screen click go HERE

Click on the large square Farthest to the Right at the bottom of the You Tube control panel to view it in Zoom mode.

The feed available here on the New Blogger Beta right now is ONLY Daily Motion as shown next on this post.

Bald Eagle Nesting Nursery
Video sent by glo77

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Places to get an Eagle Fix while you wait:

I have been hoping as I am sure that many of you have that our Eagle Still Cam would be on by now. There has been no further information since Steve's entry on the BLOG on Oct 25, which I sent out in the last Feed Blitz. All I know is that every day that passes, we are 1 day closer to Our Eagles, and they are one day closer to Eagle Season 2007.

I had pretty much wanted to keep this BLOG just about the Eagles our of NCTC in Shepherdstown WV., but I also want all of you to be familiar with how the Feed Blitz works and know that the subscriptions are in fact set to go. There has also been a good dozen new subscriptions since the last feed, so I want them to see how this will work as well. It won't be too much longer hopefully til we are enjoying the events of our Eagles on here. Many of you know the rest of this info, but some do not so to keep in touch I am sharing it for all. Those who BLOG or Lurk at the Eagle Cam Blogspot have come up with ways to pass time while we wait.

Many visit other Wildlife Related webcams, and as a result we now have started a Photo Contest for Photo of the Week/Month. Those who want to participate are sending in daily Photos to be posted for others to vote on. The top voting photo each week, will enter into the Contest for the Photo of the Month for which there will be a Prize of some type awarded. I have discovered...actually I already knew, we have some pretty creative thinkers and it seems to be a fun way to share some of what is out there to enjoy. Take a Look. Consider joining in on the fun with Photos or casting a vote.

It is the surfing around looking at Wildlife Web Cams that enables me to share with you the "other" eagle related sites. 3 of them have had eagles available off and on all year, and seem to be frequently visited by eagles now as the thoughts of a new season and refurbishing the nest become a part of the schedule for the Adult Breeding pairs. We are frequently enjoying the Eagles that drop by the Osprey Nest at Blackwater Refuge. There is an active eagle cam at Maine, one out of Washington Coming online hopefully Monday, or definitely early next week is another Cam from Florida. Any day now I am looking forward to a Feed Blitz that says Our Eagle Cam is up and running and waiting for you to come and enjoy! Hang tough and keep those Eagle Eyes in Good Shape.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to Our World: Big Boy, Ms. In Between and Spunky

Three Little Miracle Moments

To stop the music before you start the video go to the bottom of the page and turn the player off.

Double left click the screen to open it in You Tube, and have the option at bottom of You Tube screen to see in Larger Window

Today I got to meet another Friend of Fine Feather and we enjoyed a DVD from the recent Open House she had attended where these eaglets were hatched. At the end of the video was the website to download into windows media player it is You can download the whole thing if you want to see it all, but it takes almost half and hour on broadband to download. I copied the 3 MOST important moments off of the webcast to share with all of you. I hope you love seeing these moments as much as I did. There is probably about 12 to 15 minutes of these eagles dispersed throughout the webcast, but most was after the live cam came on and we had already seen those times, and none was of the fledge, so I went for the hatches. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Still Cam to be on for us to watch in next couple of days

Stay tuned and keep a watchful eye for more info as it becomes available.

I realize many of you will have read this on the BLOG or through Momster mail , but I did think this is a good opportunity for us to see how this automatic email subscription works for BOTH of us, so here is a copy of how the BLOG read just a short while ago!!!!

Hi folks,

Steady now. The cam is back up here at NCTC. We'll be getting the still cam back up on the internet for you to see in the next couple of days, I hope. Video will still be a while.


Friday, October 20, 2006

A Similar Thank You DVD for A Family of Friends is Coming Soon

Before hitting play for this DVD, Go to the bottom of the page to stop the music already playing for you, as this DVD has its own music.
Do you like this. Anyone can watch this DVD at anytime here on the Eagles of Shepherdstown BLOG, BUT soon, I will be making available a Limited Number of DVD's very similar to( but with a few little extras, and different music) what you see here for a Family of Friends who watched and loved these eagles with me. More information in your next issue of The Courier Eagle Don't however ask me how much or where do you buy one. They are NOT going up for sale anywhere. MTBR

If you happened by here because you followed a search link to Eagles, you have found some wonderful information. This BLOG is actually just a summary of the excitement from Eagle Season 2006, and anticipation for the upcoming 2007 season with the Beautiful Eagles from West Virginia. You can still learn about them and enjoy them too. Come visit us at at Eaglecam Blogspot and enjoy this wonderful experience of a lifetime too!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Smallest of 3 Surviving Eaglets from W. Va weathers violent storm

Spunky's Storm

Youngest of 3 eaglets who have successfully fledged out of W. Va. is caught in violent storm alone in nest. How does he weather the storm?

A shop Glo's Unique Creations 4U has been set up to help raise funds to say Thank You to NCTC this year, and help defray some of the expenses for next years camera project, with the hopes of adding sound. A minimum of $2 from every item purchased will be given to NCTC. You will find several cute unique items for all eagle lovers, as well as some items designed particularly for the Shepherdstown W. Virginia fan. Please check it out and help the eagles.

For 3 eaglets to survive and fledge is miraculous. Capture your own memory of this tremendous event and help the eagles as well.

Below is a picture of the eaglet we think is Spunky the morning after the storm. Parent had made what appeared to be a food drop just prior to this photo.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

July Young Eaglets and their Parents Liberty and Belle

Please enjoy the photos and feel free to join and add your own pictures. Please limit your pictures to July and our little eagle family from Sheperdstown. It is so easy. Just left clik on the Loop you are watching. You will not get spammed. It really is quite easy. We are going to be watching them eventually return less and less. Any updated photos you can get to add yourself or send to me, would be so much appreciated.

Remember they also have a website updated frequently Please feel free to visit there also.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spunky's Great Save !!!

Spunky's Great Save !!!
Video sent by glo77
Spunky the youngest of three eaglets has learned that sometimes he needs to NOT wait until everyone else is full before he can have breakfast. This video shows him getting his meal from Big Brother. I think Spunky is going to make it out there as well as his other two sibling eaglets.

Monday, June 19, 2006

June with our eaglets/fledglings

The Loop may take several "seconds" to load

You can enjoy the loop just passing by on this scrren OR if you click on one of the pictures, you will receive an invitation to join the loop. This means you can comment on any pictures I have already added and add pictures of your own as well.

LOL I haven't joined anyone elses LOOP player but I am told this is how it works. I have used the loop on others of my BLOGS. I do not get spammed or bothered by it at ll.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 15 eagle watching

June 15 eagle watching
Video sent by glo77

This video is almost 7 minutes long. It will run more smoothly through the second time as it is a very large file and may do some buffering as it loads onto the Blogger site. Go pour yourself a cup of coffeee or something while it loads the first time. Then come back, sit down and enjoy.!!!

Our Parent eagles continue to take wonderful care of their young fledglings. The eaglets are supplied with occasional meals, while they improve their take off and landing skills, mantling and other survival skills.

There is music about 2 minutes into this video.

Great way to start or end anyday. Love these birds. Just so awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spunky Has Fledged

spunky has fledged
Video sent by glo77
6:41 am Spunky our 3rd little eaglet has fledged. He is a Spirited little one. Flag day fledge suits him just wonderfully. Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Free little buddy. OH and check back in please...we all need to see you in that nest ONE MORE TIME>

Visit the website with lots more pictures of these three beautiful eagles from 3 eggs to three fledglings.Just follow hilighted link!
More to be revealed! "quoting Sharon" who actually was up early enough to catch these 2fledgings and send them to me.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 9 Spunky really practicing

June 9 Spunky really practicing
Video sent by glo77
This is Spunky! This eaglet has earned his name !

Youngest of 3 eaglets practices to fly...he/she is last to leave the nest.

Beautiful young eagle family

Beautiful young eagle family
Video sent by glo77
One eaglet is yet to fledge, the other has only fledged 2 days ago, but has found its way back to the nest. Mom comes in to drop of a fish, and then shows us a beautiful take off.

Fledgling finds his way back to nest

Fledgling finds his way back to nest
Video sent by glo77
After two days of learning to fly and gaining heigth and strength an eagle fledgling returns to the nest, where he will continue to grow stronger and become a skilled hunter. You can see fromt he video that he is pretty releived and somewhat exhausted as he kinda flies in. Youngest sibling kinda looks a little overwhe,med by his returning sibling.

Ms In-Between- practice and ooopsy

Ms In-Between- practice and ooopsy
Video sent by glo77
Ms_IN-Between, Second of three eaglets to fledge from NCTC Sheperdstown W.Va. June 9 8:59 a.m.

Like her older siblling Big Boy, She now quite easily returns to the nest for visits, a little or "Big" snack. Hopefully she is also encourageing the younger Spunky" who has yet to fledge.

Movie Big boys First Flight

Movie Big boys First Flight
Video sent by glo77
Please take a minute to leave a comment. Tell us why you came to see this eagle fledge!! He has 2 more siblings in the nest of 3 . Ms. In Between fledged this morning June 9 at 8:59 am. Just "Spunky now waiting for His big moment. They have had wonderful parents who helped 3 to survive. Normal hatchout is 2 eggs, with one actually making it. What a special pair.

Videos of our eaglets as they fledge the nest.

Because the website is not always available, I wanted all of us to have ready access to this wonderful eagle family and all the special times we have shared from february through their fledging now in June.

Tonight I will quickly just BLOG over all of the videos I have of them so that you can share in the special moments of these last several days as one by one they take that leap of faith into their world of Soaring splendor.

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