Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to Our World: Big Boy, Ms. In Between and Spunky

Three Little Miracle Moments

To stop the music before you start the video go to the bottom of the page and turn the player off.

Double left click the screen to open it in You Tube, and have the option at bottom of You Tube screen to see in Larger Window

Today I got to meet another Friend of Fine Feather and we enjoyed a DVD from the recent Open House she had attended where these eaglets were hatched. At the end of the video was the website to download into windows media player it is You can download the whole thing if you want to see it all, but it takes almost half and hour on broadband to download. I copied the 3 MOST important moments off of the webcast to share with all of you. I hope you love seeing these moments as much as I did. There is probably about 12 to 15 minutes of these eagles dispersed throughout the webcast, but most was after the live cam came on and we had already seen those times, and none was of the fledge, so I went for the hatches. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Still Cam to be on for us to watch in next couple of days

Stay tuned and keep a watchful eye for more info as it becomes available.

I realize many of you will have read this on the BLOG or through Momster mail , but I did think this is a good opportunity for us to see how this automatic email subscription works for BOTH of us, so here is a copy of how the BLOG read just a short while ago!!!!

Hi folks,

Steady now. The cam is back up here at NCTC. We'll be getting the still cam back up on the internet for you to see in the next couple of days, I hope. Video will still be a while.


Friday, October 20, 2006

A Similar Thank You DVD for A Family of Friends is Coming Soon

Before hitting play for this DVD, Go to the bottom of the page to stop the music already playing for you, as this DVD has its own music.
Do you like this. Anyone can watch this DVD at anytime here on the Eagles of Shepherdstown BLOG, BUT soon, I will be making available a Limited Number of DVD's very similar to( but with a few little extras, and different music) what you see here for a Family of Friends who watched and loved these eagles with me. More information in your next issue of The Courier Eagle Don't however ask me how much or where do you buy one. They are NOT going up for sale anywhere. MTBR

If you happened by here because you followed a search link to Eagles, you have found some wonderful information. This BLOG is actually just a summary of the excitement from Eagle Season 2006, and anticipation for the upcoming 2007 season with the Beautiful Eagles from West Virginia. You can still learn about them and enjoy them too. Come visit us at at Eaglecam Blogspot and enjoy this wonderful experience of a lifetime too!