Thursday, February 08, 2007

Still hope and should know this week if its gonna be a cam season at NCTC

Although for now I will continue to update this BLOG as there is still hope for this cam Season out of NCTC...I did want to let you all know that there are other cams actively up and running now and 2 of them have sitting eagles. Actually word from NCTC is that Belle is also possibly a sitting eagle. But since the cam continues to present problems for viewing this pair I wanted all of you to know a similar Feed Blitz runs off of the For the love of Eagles

I update this BLOG very regularly as well. All of the active cams I am aware of are linked off of this same site. Go take a look at last nights or even all of last weeks entries. Think about subscribing to that BLOG while you are there AND if you subscribe be sure to confirm your subscription in the email that is immediatley sent to you once you sign up...If you are not getting those Feeds from there it is because you have not completed your subscription to that BLOG...It doesn't make an extra email...Feed Blitz send out ALL subscribed feeds to you in 1 email. Go directly to that site by clicking here...If you love eagles I think you will enjoy this BLOG as well...meanwhile will be hoping praying and watching for cam updates from NCTC as well.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope they can get this cam up and running. What a shame if we can't watch these great eagle parents! And thanks for your dedication to this cause, Glo. KathiF