Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Difficult day followed by a difficult decision

It is with a sense of deep frustration and sincere regret that I have made the decision this morning to NOT continue updating this BLOG on any regular basis. The lact of technical support and dependability with the still and live cams out of NCTC makes it evident that to try to do so is futile on my part and most likely also equally frustrating for you as a reader. IF and When I see that the cam situation has actually been resolved I will once again feature with their own BLOG the First nest and the eagle pair that still captures my heart. I will include them on the For The Love Of Eagles BLOG on a regular basis provided I can get the photos and maybe even an occasional video of this pair. I will leave you with the picture that speaks a thousand words to me about the struggle and determination to survive that this eagle showed 3 or 4 times yesterday as she strove to get herself through the storm she was facing in that nest...

The pictures start with her almost buried deep in the snow, raising those awesome wings and getting out just long enough to get the snow away and get back to her egg(s) and hatchling(s)...sadly I can't even tell you how many of either eggs or hatchings were in the nest during the storm but it does appear hatching is here, and this very young family has had to deal with horrendous weather on hatching day.

It is my hope and prayer that we will all continue to see this nest flourish through the eagle season. Unfortunately I can not even share an updated photo from today on how they are currently doing as out of the several eagle cams online, many of which experienced or are currently experiencing a storm, it remains the ONLY ONE not viewable, and experience has told me it will stay that way all weekend and then who knows for how long

We Missed pretty much all of the egg laying and we are now missing the hatchings...just not gonna continue on this roller coaster when there are other cams to enjoy while we continue to hope for this situation to change.

Hoping to see you back here, meanwhile enjoy the eagle cams as they are featured on the For the Love of Eagles BLOG.


MEMA Jo said...

I will be one of the Momsters who will certainly miss the coverage you have given us over this past year. You have given me memories that will always remain with me. Your creativity is exceptional - Thank you so much and here is praying that you will be able to capture our special number one eagle family in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry it had to come to this, Gloria, but I understand your situtation. You have tried so hard to help. Your pictures and comments have been uplifting and educating. Thank you for all you've done for NCTC and the eagles. KathiF

wvgal_dana said...

With great saddness in my heart for our Eagle cam near NCTC at Shepherdstown West Virginia. I know this for "you Glo" had to be a tearful decision. You have given the two adult eagles and their chicks wonderful coverage for 2005-2006 season. Then the little we have gotten to see for 2006-2007 season. The beauty and learning that you put together has touched children that say "Mom or Granny put the eagles on your computer for me". Have touched students that their teachers made time "in school for them to see what you have put together" plus the live feed. You also have touched the minds of elderly that their own child living with them that takes care of them. Shows these videos and film strips you have put together to these people that can't do to well for themselves; so their child shows them on the computer. Bringing smiles, laughter, saddness and tears to all.
It's been hard for me with the cams 30 second refresh and live feed being down so much cause of the people I have ask to pray for these cams and other people I know praying for these cams to work well.
If only NCTC and others that are connected to the down time of these cams. Could feel the saddness, heartache and feel your pain. Maybe then those cams would run "perfectly".
Sadly I will sign out only with hope that someone in "higher places" will make right what as been "done wrong" with "these cams" of a family of 2 eagle parents and unknown at this point March 18, 2007 of how many chicks.