Monday, May 14, 2007

Momsters head to the nest. Liberty and Belle do NOT disappoint

Words cannot fully describe how beautiful the events of today have been. Six
of us momsters were in attendance at NCTC at 10:00am give or take a few
minutes. Norma,Helen (Mits), Jill, Wanda (Costumelady), Robyn (Robyanne),
myself & my daughter Jennifer. Thelma, Steve's appointed welcoming committee
of one met us and gave us the scope on things we could do. Steve was on a
break from his meeting & met with us for about 10 min and then Thelma took
us a short tour. We were then set lose!
We viewed the exhibits at the Auditorium Bldg and then all 6 jumped into 2
cars and headed for the road by the barn in front of the Sycamore Tree!
There waiting for us was OUR EAGLE - up on his high branch above the nest.
We were all so excited & some of you very well know the feelings we were
having! He sat there for a very long time giving us the profile look and
then would look right down on us.I was excited and didn't time his visit but
it must have been a good half an hour or more. Finally off he flew & we
followed his majestic flight which we think led him towards the river. We
then went to the Commons Bldg & visited the gift shop. Up to the cafe where
we met Steve & enjoyed the delicious lunch food and the conversations
amongst Momsters & Steve. It was so relaxing & comfy-the buildings are
beautiful. Down we went to the gift shop & made some purchases of eagle
items! Young lady clerk said she had never sold so much eagle merchandise
before. We then explained why that was!! We then planned to end our day with
some of us going back over to the nest just in case...... AND THERE SHE WAS
WAITING FOR US! On a different branch - lower in the tree but still above
the nest. The visit wasn't long but it was so beautiful to see her take
flight! Lots of hugs between the Momsters and lots of smiles of happiness
until we all got on the right road to go home with all of our memories of

Thanks for sharing these memories MeMa Jo


MEMA Jo said...

Thank you for the great presentation on the film loop of our Perfect Day

Anonymous said...

Ladies, you all look gorgeous out there! Must be the "eagle air" that made you look especially radiant!
What a treat for us to be able to see pictures of your visit. Thank you for sharing! Kathi F

Genie said...

What a grand time you had...I am a little envious that I live too far to have joined you. But I felt ALMOST like I was there thanks to your marvelous descriptions and pictures. I am so happy our beautiful eagles were there to welcome you. Thanks again for sharing it with us. Genie