Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Still love you Spunky...Happy Flag Day!!!

An Eagle named Spunky:

Did not come into this country with an easy life ahead. It would be a struggle. It would take courage, stamina, perseverance, lots of hard work and fortitude....Could it be done? Would it be done? We watched it played out before our eyes from a nest in West Virginia. There are pages of information about this nest from 2006, and Spunky in particular, so I will not retell it all here today. A brief video will tell the story of an eagle and a nation.

Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagles Fly

Spunky's story

The play by play of Spunky's fledge

This eagle is not so different from each of us holds for us times of needed courage, fortitude, hardwork, struggle, and perseverance. When you watch that bird that symbolizes the United States of America; and now that you have learned so very much more of how that beautiful soar actually came to be, remember that as a country we too must continue to struggle and persevere often through hard times. The young eagles today are a sign of the struggle courage and perseverance of those who Soared before.

There is a lesson here as we enjoy the success of young fledging from an eagles nest, and soaring into the freedom into which they were born. I am not sure where you see yourself playing out the role of an American, but those who came before you have passed a rich Heritage to you. I hope that you will guard it well, and preserve it for many a generation to come.

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MEMA Jo said...

It's Spunky's Day! and Glo you have given us back all the beautiful memories of our special eaglet. They say Tears are good for the Soul - My Soul is Good! Thank you Glo!