Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cam info from Steve at NCTC

Thursday Nov. 16

Here's some news you folks have been waiting for:

We met yesterday on getting the cam going.

We are going to outsource the web access this year to allow the still cam a much better refresh rate than the 30 seconds that our network folks afforded us last year. I've mentioned to a few folks that we face significant hurdles regarding network security and bandwidth limitations, and we believe this approach gets us past these issues. We are working through the contracting now, and have targeted Dec. 6th as the start date. We will strive to hit that target.

We will also experiment with a wide shot camera along with the existing cam. We recently got a brand new microwave receiver which should help with cam reliability.

The live video will start on or around February 1, and will stay on through the end of July.

We are also looking now at technology for next season that will improve the cam, and add audio. Based on the behavior of these eagles, we figure we only have a couple of weeks window in August to make the improvements.

The cam has been on here for a few weeks now, and we have watched the eagles slowly preparing the nest with new sticks.

I know that this has been a long haitus, but hang in there and we'll be up soon.

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MEMA Jo said...

This is the news we have all been waiting for. Thank you NCTC/USFWS staff!