Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Old and Some New

This is officially our First Picture of the New Eagle Season. Thank you Suzanne who was at NCTC last weekend and took this photo for us. You can see BOTH Liberty and Belle side by side on a branch above the nest they have worked very hard to refurbish. it is also much bigger than when Suzanne saw it just two weeks earlier. Stay tuned, You will know just as soon as the cam is on.

At bottom of post is a 5 min. video best viewed on a High Speed connection. It is similar to the shorter version published a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to see "Our Eagles AGAIN" so I figured lots of you do too! To view this video on You Tube in Full screen click go HERE

Click on the large square Farthest to the Right at the bottom of the You Tube control panel to view it in Zoom mode.

The feed available here on the New Blogger Beta right now is ONLY Daily Motion as shown next on this post.

Bald Eagle Nesting Nursery
Video sent by glo77

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MEMA Jo said...

And up popped Spunky! This film is a keepsake - I could just watch it over and over. Thank you Glo!