Thursday, November 02, 2006

Places to get an Eagle Fix while you wait:

I have been hoping as I am sure that many of you have that our Eagle Still Cam would be on by now. There has been no further information since Steve's entry on the BLOG on Oct 25, which I sent out in the last Feed Blitz. All I know is that every day that passes, we are 1 day closer to Our Eagles, and they are one day closer to Eagle Season 2007.

I had pretty much wanted to keep this BLOG just about the Eagles our of NCTC in Shepherdstown WV., but I also want all of you to be familiar with how the Feed Blitz works and know that the subscriptions are in fact set to go. There has also been a good dozen new subscriptions since the last feed, so I want them to see how this will work as well. It won't be too much longer hopefully til we are enjoying the events of our Eagles on here. Many of you know the rest of this info, but some do not so to keep in touch I am sharing it for all. Those who BLOG or Lurk at the Eagle Cam Blogspot have come up with ways to pass time while we wait.

Many visit other Wildlife Related webcams, and as a result we now have started a Photo Contest for Photo of the Week/Month. Those who want to participate are sending in daily Photos to be posted for others to vote on. The top voting photo each week, will enter into the Contest for the Photo of the Month for which there will be a Prize of some type awarded. I have discovered...actually I already knew, we have some pretty creative thinkers and it seems to be a fun way to share some of what is out there to enjoy. Take a Look. Consider joining in on the fun with Photos or casting a vote.

It is the surfing around looking at Wildlife Web Cams that enables me to share with you the "other" eagle related sites. 3 of them have had eagles available off and on all year, and seem to be frequently visited by eagles now as the thoughts of a new season and refurbishing the nest become a part of the schedule for the Adult Breeding pairs. We are frequently enjoying the Eagles that drop by the Osprey Nest at Blackwater Refuge. There is an active eagle cam at Maine, one out of Washington Coming online hopefully Monday, or definitely early next week is another Cam from Florida. Any day now I am looking forward to a Feed Blitz that says Our Eagle Cam is up and running and waiting for you to come and enjoy! Hang tough and keep those Eagle Eyes in Good Shape.


Suzanne said...

Good info, Glo. And nice to add the links, 'specially for folks that may not have them! I'm just waiting for our cam to come up. Like you, I thought it would come up on 1 Nov, but alas...not yet. But today is 1 day closer than yesterday for our cam!

wvgal_dana said...

Great idea about the pics Glo. Really don't want to think about it but something else to do when fledges leave. Nice that you put links in there also.
Not going there about our cam : )

MEMA Jo said...

Great article - brings everyone up-to-date on things. I love this way of communicating to all. I am hoping the sign-up response is good.

Mits said...