Monday, June 19, 2006

June with our eaglets/fledglings

The Loop may take several "seconds" to load

You can enjoy the loop just passing by on this scrren OR if you click on one of the pictures, you will receive an invitation to join the loop. This means you can comment on any pictures I have already added and add pictures of your own as well.

LOL I haven't joined anyone elses LOOP player but I am told this is how it works. I have used the loop on others of my BLOGS. I do not get spammed or bothered by it at ll.


Just Vicky said...

Another great job Glo!

MEMA Jo said...

This is remarkable - another one of your accomplishments which benefits our pleasure. Thanks, GLO

janetm said...

wow, that's neat! you are really a computer guru. Thanks!

MEMA Jo said...

I joined the LOOP on 6/29/06 at 11:15 pm....... Whoopee Do!