Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spunky's Great Save !!!

Spunky's Great Save !!!
Video sent by glo77
Spunky the youngest of three eaglets has learned that sometimes he needs to NOT wait until everyone else is full before he can have breakfast. This video shows him getting his meal from Big Brother. I think Spunky is going to make it out there as well as his other two sibling eaglets.


paula www.eagletmomsters.com said...

Jo, That is great, I hadn't seen that one. Thanks for posting it!

janetm said...

wow, that was great! Go Spunkster!

Lethe said...

ROFL! That's the way to do it Spunky. Don't let greedy guts rob you of a meal. I hope our Sid is watching this.

Wonderul video Glo and so well timed to catch the point where Spunky's
tolerance 'snapped'and he angrily fought for the food.

movin said...

Way to go, Spunky, trying to live up to the name ... and succeeding!!

Glo, I also never saw this kind of aggressive reordering of sibling status by Spunky. But this is the kind of behavior he will need to make it to adulthood.

It's very good to see he has the instincts to make it.


Suzanne said...

Glo, I'm loving this! I can actually watch this here. I heard when he was doing this, but didn't get to see it! That is sooo cool!!! Way to go for our Spunky!!

MEMA Jo said...

Way to go Spunkster! I remember when this happened - I was very proud of these actions.

normabyrd said...

I STILL remember when SPUNKY
would yell!!!!---"I AM WOMAN---HEAR ME ROAR"!!!---SHE was so independent----Did what she wanted ----when she wanted----SPUNKY will always live in my HEART---SHE CHOSE to FLEDGE when very few were watching---YOU GO GIRL!!--------