Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ms In-Between- practice and ooopsy

Ms In-Between- practice and ooopsy
Video sent by glo77
Ms_IN-Between, Second of three eaglets to fledge from NCTC Sheperdstown W.Va. June 9 8:59 a.m.

Like her older siblling Big Boy, She now quite easily returns to the nest for visits, a little or "Big" snack. Hopefully she is also encourageing the younger Spunky" who has yet to fledge.


MEMA Jo said...

I loved the ooopsy!

paula www.eagletmomsters.com said...

Glo, that was hilarious! Thanks for posting it.

movin said...

Comical looking move, but as I was watching, I noticed that Mr Inbetween was actually blown out of the nest area by a big gust of wind...

Did you know that a largish percentage of young hawks and eagles are actually "forced" to fledge by the wind gusting during their practice flights above the nest??