Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bald Eagle Biology

I tired to post this as a link to have it readily available, but template won't pick up the link for some reason. Anyway this article has some Great info on the eagles.

I think you will find it informative and to some extent downright astounding!


IrisF said...

Hi Glo, What a great article, it brought me to tears - happy ones for sure! Liked the new loop too, that was an amazing take-off for Belle wasn't it? I sure wouldn't want to be the intruder!
Thanks again for all your hard work! I'm sure glad you enjoy doing it! (((((Hugs))))))Iris

glo said...

Yes Iris I loved this article when I read it. Of curse we who are enjoying liberty and Belle, and actually even some other pairs around the web know this behavior is currently happening as they meet up again after their little seperate trips to wherever. I can only imagine the sound that davd Hancock described in his article, and I actually live where I can hear the eagles call to each other as they pass through the area. I don't however get to hear those calls of their re-union and the celebration of them as a couple and the New eagle season they await.

ssosbourn said...

Thank you so much Glo for sharing this. What an amazing story.What fascinating creatures.