Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Building, Incubating and Defending the Eagles Nest

To enjoy the music that accompanies today's video, FIRST go to bottom of this page and hit STOP on the John Denver song.

Dec 29 winging it through Jan 2
Video sent by glo77

To see the entire video of Cartwheeling from the National Geographic Site go here:


Suzanne said...

AWESOME Video, Glo! Thanks!

Just Vicky said...

Way to go, your touch sure brings them right into our homes! Thank You!

Mits said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Glo.

MEMA Jo said...
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MEMA Jo said...

MEMA Jo said...

Beautiful Beautiful Presentation

Wind Beneath my Wings! Love It!
We are so fortunate to see Liberty & Belle rebuilding their sycamore nest. Their personalities are certainly showing. Thanks for making it possible for us to have the memories at our fingertips.
The cartwheeling scene just takes my breath away.

I deleted my first comment-SP ERROR LOL