Monday, January 08, 2007

Luvulation at the Nest Today Jan 8, 2007

Luvulation at the nest longer version
Video sent by glo77

If you enjoy the splendor and beauty of eagles in general I would like to invite you to also view the action at For the Love of Eagles here you will find Video and Photos of Eagle cam action from many places around the web.

Today's video over there is from the Eagles in Florida whom we watched here earlier this week show us the making of a brood patch. There is a Feed Blitz sign up on that BLOG as well If you want to know when that site is updated.

From this point on this BLOG will only feature the NCTC eagles...BUT many cams are getting much more active!!! Go visit...Sign Up and keep up to date on Eagle Season 2007 the easy way....I will do the work I love and you can enjoy the result!

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glo said...

Amazing...with some of the content I see out there being filmed, someone has removed a video of nature reproducing in the form of eagles coming back from the Brink of extinction. Tis a strange world at times to me. I shall leave this removed notice on here as I think it is absurd to have removed this clip!!!