Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Defending the Nest jan 17, 2007

Jan 17 defending the nest NCTC_0001
Video sent by glo77


Anonymous said...

Wow! I never would have guessed that the nest would have to be defended by others. I assume it was Belle that was in it by herself? After the attack, did Liberty go after the intruder? Is this common for a lone eagle to try to get into another nest? Looking for eggs or a mate?
Kathi F

Glo...watchforEagleBlanketRaffleinfocomingsoon said...

Actually when I saw this happening Belle was flying in. I thought wow I am just in time to watch them both land. What I quickly discovered was that she was being followed/pursued. I had hit the record earlier so that's how I managed to get it. Not sure if it was another eagle, it does have good size talons. OR it could be 1 of the 3 young who fledged last year.....either way it is NOT welcome in the nest, and was quickly driven away. Yes Liberty was right there within a few seconds too. Actually he brought in a fish which was not eaten or touched for another 5 minutes or so. They they returned to eating and chowing and working on the nest.